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Raise the quality of new hires while eliminating high costs

People*Strata designs, deploys and operates integrated talent acquisition systems that raise the quality and speed of hiring while giving your key contributors more time to focus on executing the core mission of your business. Raising talent metrics and creating operational efficiency in conjunction with optimizing utility of spend results in exponential ROI for the companies utilizing People*Strata as a service.

Better Companies = Better Careers = Better Lives

Better Companies

The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, states that in typical companies, 20% of the employees will create 80% of the success. In the modern world of business operations, companies and consulting firms are realizing that this is now closer to a 90/10 split. Engage with People*Strata and let us design a custom strategy to help you identify and hire more of the critical 10% of top talent to take your business results to the next level and beyond.

Better Careers

Every recent major study (Bersin, Gartner, Gallup, etc) has found that hiring employees into roles that match their expectations will produce exponentially better results. Additionally these new hires will have a positive effect on others and stay loyal to your company for a longer period of time than those that are misaligned. People Strata offers you expert level Talent Acquisition strategies to ensure that you are hiring new team members and operating your company with maximum ROI.

Better Lives

People Strata helps companies outperform their competition by designing and incorporating best-in-class Talent Acquisition strategies. Through this approach, our client companies improve the lives and careers of each of their team members by offering them the proper career challenges and opportunities, which results in increased engagement and better company performance. In this scenario, everyone wins.

The Better Lives equation is why People*Strata was founded, and why we hope you join us.

Comparison Matrix

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Value Analysis

  1. Expert level Talent Acquisition that allows your business to consistently make the hires you need to drive company results.
  2. True partnership and total alignment as our team is immersed in your culture and company values to recruit in market under your banner.
  3. We elevate your company’s talent brand, versus external vendors that advocate their brand in market and are incentivized with a large fee per transaction model.
  4. Greater efficiency and increased productivity for your key leaders through a reduction of time spent managing vendors, interviews and internal resources, giving them more time to focus on their core functions and teams and drive results.
  5. Interview and Decision Planning (IDP) for every new requirement, creating improved candidate accuracy, quality of hire and time to productivity for new hires.
  6. Predictable and reduced cost model versus in-house recruiters, first generation RPO and/or agency and vendor arrangements.
    Increased visibility into important metrics through weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting.
  7. Real-time flexibility and scalability through customized strategies tailored for your specific company goals which change during different business cycles.
  8. Bi-annual Reports on compensation and talent market trends.
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