People*Strata / ATMOS

is a modern approach to retained executive search

services, designed to deliver superior results within a tight partnership framework

that creates perfect alignment with our clients’ requirements and budgets.

Our senior management and operations team has decades of experience and a
successful track record of completing searches for C-Suite and key leadership roles. This considerable experience enables our clients to benefit from on-theground, first-hand sector knowledge combined with a deeper level of commitment and focus compared to legacy search firms.

We utilize a management consulting approach to executive search, leveraging our extensive global networks while maintaining a high-touch, boutique approach that puts collaboration with our clients at the forefront of our services. Discretion in contacting senior candidates who expect a white-glove approach and seamless candidate experience is the hallmark of People*Strata / ATMOS. Our ability to
build and maintain rapport and relationships is a key component in our system that drives excellent hiring outcomes in an efficient and timely manner.

Deep sector knowledge, a proprietary AI-enabled tech stack, a state-of-the-art client facing platform visualizing detailed data and analytics, and our team’s ability to provide measurable results and clear and concise communication all combine to enable our clients to access a best-in-class experience.

A flat Professional Service fee structure is a unique element in our mission to disrupt the traditional, legacy retained search market. People*Strata / ATMOS strives to create a perfectly aligned partnership and this model eliminates invoice ‘uptick’ and other variable fees and costs. We collaborate with our clients to define the role and the compensation structure at the outset of services, and we will not increase the pre-defined flat Professional Service fee even if the hired candidate has a higher compensation than expected.

Our search process has been meticulously designed to identify, engage, attract,
and deliver high-quality candidates who accurately match the requirements of the role.


We partner with you and employ best practices in our
search process executing against the following efficient workflow:

1. Intake and Alignment Meetings

The People*Strata / ATMOS team will conduct intake and alignment meetings with the hiring authority and executive team members to gain valuable insights and to develop the job specification, the feedback process, the decision-making criteria, etc. and to gather all other information that is useful to the search and recruiting process. Clients agree to provide all relevant documents, including compensation and benefit data, statistical and financial information, marketing literature and organization charts that are available and pertinent to the candidate search and selection process.

2. Develop Position Specification

A position specification is developed based on our discussions. This Confidential Position Specification serves as an informative piece to be given to serious candidates for the position and describes the key success factors and priorities of the position. It also describes candidate specifications including competencies, experience, and personal qualities being sought. This is used in the process of attracting prospective candidates to this opportunity. We will carefully review the final position specification together to ensure that all parties agree with the criteria outlined in the final specification.

3. Identify Qualified Candidates

Upon your approval of the position specification, we will begin to search for candidates utilizing the following activities:

Targeted Research: Based on our agreed search criteria and strategy, we will identify a list of target companies and research the organization
structures. Selected individuals will be approached to determine their potential fit with the position requirements and their interest in this position.

Network and Database Review: Our technology capabilities and related research and candidate systems are leveraged to identify qualified
candidates to approach for this specification.

Direct Sourcing: We will utilize our sourcing team and tools and contact individuals in appropriate industry sectors to discuss the search and to
obtain their referrals to individuals with the potential to become candidates for the specification.

Internally Generated Candidates: People*Strata / ATMOS will qualify all
candidates, including those identified by clients through their personal and professional relationships, utilizing the identical process. Each candidate will be assessed on his/her own merits and will be evaluated consistently along with the entire candidate pool.

4. Search and Recruiting

Candidate Interviews and Assessments: Qualified candidates will be thoroughly interviewed to obtain a complete understanding of their accomplishments, motivations, skill sets, characteristics, growth potential and career goals. A comprehensive candidate summary describing past work experience, accomplishments, training, and education will be presented for each candidate that we recommend for an interview.

Offer Negotiations: When a finalist is selected, People*Strata / ATMOS will collaborate with our client to construct a competitive employment offer based on current market data and your compensation strategy. We will “pre-close” and then present the offer and explain the structure and elements to the chosen candidate. Throughout the negotiation process, People*Strata / ATMOS will represent and act in strict accordance with our clients’ interests.

Reference Checks: When a finalist has signaled acceptance of a contingent
verbal offer, we will speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. Written summaries of our conversations with reference providers will be available on each candidate who receives an offer of employment. We recommend that clients run a comprehensive background check in addition to these reference checks once an official offer is extended.